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Our Story

The Shawnee Farmers Market, held monthly since 2020 and weekly in the 2010s, is part of a destination and food access strategy to support re-development in the area.  Specifically Shawnee's First Friday Farmers Market was created  from a partnership with Destination Shawnee and Rural Action's Entrepreneur Rural Communities Program. Destination Shawnee itself was formed in 2018 to preserve and celebrate local artists, history, nature and to support local businesses, and outdoor enthusiasts by promoting Shawnee as a regional destination.


Our market seeks to benefit the Shawnee community by initiating a peer mentoring process with successful farmers markets, offering producer training, diversifying purchase options for consumers, and connecting Shawnee with the local Appalachian Ohio food system. We may be small, but we are mighty and fiercely here to support and boost Shawnee's economy, entrepreneurs/creatives/farmers, spirit and overall well-being!

We Couldn't Do This Without You!

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